About the Sage

A bit of a biography for those who care.

The Cliff-notes version of me:
  • I was born in NY state to a married couple who also decided to keep and raise me as many others did in the '70s.
  • I am currently a fat white male in my 40's, but that is a fluid state, except the white and male part.
  • I love my job (drip goes the sarcasm).
  • I am going to hike the AT.  No, seriously I am.  Why are you still laughing?
  • I like many things, particularly women and food, but not necessarily in that order nor at the same time.
  • I believe on average I do smart things more often  and dumb things less often than most.  I also believe I have the potential to do superbly dumb things when given half a chance, but am smart enough to fix most of what I broke.
  • I only smoke very good cigars and drink very good alcohol when I can afford it, which means I don't smoke or drink very much.
  • I have very wide feet, and you know what they say about men with very wide feet.  They seldom find shoes that fit worth a shit.
  • I strive to be politically moderate, flexible, and rational in all things, which means everyone hates what I have to say.
More to come.

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