Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lull Between Disasters

As I imagine will be the case on the trail, so I have noted of late the spans of time between things worth mentioning.  I am working the plan, hiking the hike so to speak.  At this point the plan involves paying down the last balances on the credit cards (to the dismay of the credit card companies), and retaining employment without strangling my coworkers so as to accomplish said credit card paying.  In other words, life as usual.

In the meantime, I peruse Amazon looking for deals on the last few items on my gear list (soon to be posted in total) and enviously read the journals of those fortunate enough to be on the trail this year.  I am still patiently waiting for my boss to assimilate the news of my 6+ month long departure that I kindly gave him an entire year to plan against.  As usually, he will likely wait till the eleventh hour to make arrangements, and will also likely screw me over on leave, insurance coverage, and anything else he can skimp on.   Can't wait to hear how the first month without me goes.  (Muahahaha!!)  Maybe I will actually get the performance review(s) I am owed when I return, or more likely not.  I find it doubtful I will return to that job, and if so not permanently regardless of the hike outcome.  

That will be his problem however
Beyond the bargain hunting and the fleeting fantasies involving my place of employment running itself into bankruptcy directly due to my absence, it has been quiet, which is always a good reason to start worrying.  I can feel the gaze of Mr. Murphy on my back just waiting for a hint of relaxation and contentment to appear providing him the opportunity with vigor and glee to kick the chair from beneath my substantial arse.

What does this shadow agent of universal chaos fail to realize? I have a method, not a plan, complete with error trapping and a superior recovery schema.

Ok, maybe it isn't all that and I am being theatrically rhetorical.  I do feel having a practiced method of overcoming obstacles is far better and efficient than making an obscenely complex plan attempting to assess 98% of potential failure modes, cuz it will always be the other 2% that gets you.

With that said, I will continue to place offerings upon the alter and pray for continued dull as dishwater life, at least til I get on the trail come next March.

Are you listening Mr. Murphy?

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